Art ExhibitPreservation Dayton is the proud sponsor of Art About Town, an annual juried art exhibition – now in it’s 13th year. The show displays original works of art in all media which in some manner address visual or intellectual issues connected with the historic districts or downtown Dayton. Grants from various groups help support this effort at increasing awareness and appreciation of Dayton’s historic districts among participating artists, neighborhood residents, and visitors to the exhibition.

Art About Town has won a Culture Works Opus Award, a Culture Builds Communities award and an Ohio Governor’s Award for the Arts for Arts Outreach. Art About Town encourages artists to explore all aspects of life in Dayton’s ten historic districts and its downtown. This project benefits a diverse audience outside Preservation Dayton’s’ regular constituency, including working artists, inner city residents, downtown workers and visitors, and art enthusiasts. Art About Town honors the diversity of the historic districts and downtown and celebrates and promotes Dayton’s architectural heritage. The project increases understanding of city architecture and social issues by allowing visitors to see them through the eyes of artists and promotes inner-city living by highlighting the diversity of housing and the existence of attractive neighborhoods near downtown.

Through projects like Art About Town, Preservation Dayton inspires and educates area citizens, shows respect and appreciation for diverse cultures, makes art more accessible to citizens, improves opportunities for local artists to reach the public and creates mixes of culture and commerce that support a positive image of Dayton. View information on this year’s show.

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