Save Shawen Acres!

Located north of downtown Dayton on Main Street at Merrimac Street. Owned by Montgomery County.

Shawen AcresShawen Acres, last used as the headquarters for Children’s Services was originally designed as an orphan’s home. Dr. Charles Shawen donated 19 acres to the county March 21, 1926 for “wayward and homeless children.” The complex was built in 1926-27 and was used as an orphan’s home until the late 1970’s. The 19-acre center consisted of a main building, annex, gym, and 10 quaint, English-style cottages in a park-like setting. The center received recognition because the center’s structures are an example of English cottage architecture and represented the reform movement that was predominant in the 1920’s. The cottage complex was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

Save Julienne!

Special Announcement :

The Julienne Girls School was recently listed by the Ohio Preservations “2009 Most Endangered Properties” , replacing the Dayton Arcade on this list.

On April 15, 2009 City Commission voted on the fate of the National Register listed Julienne Girls High School (Dayton Christian, Stivers ) located at 325 Homewood in the Five Oaks neighborhood.  The HD-3 zoning overlay was unanimously approved by Landmarks and City of Dayton Plan Board, but was Remanded back to Plan Board with specific instructions by the Dayton City Commission. The case is currently in limbo.

The Five Oaks Neighborhood and Preservation Dayton has seeking an adaptive reuse of the property.  Five Oaks is not opposed to selective demolition, and does want a neighborhood school. The demographics support this use and the area around the school has more school age children than any where else in the city.

We can not let DPS demolish another one of Dayton’s Historic and Architectural assets.  We have lost too many all ready.  Roosevelt, EJ Brown, Steele, Van Cleeve are already gone.  These buildings belong to the people of Dayton and were build to last.

Contact Dayton Public School and Dayton City Commissioners:

Dr. Kurt Stanic, DPS Superintendent
Jeff Mimms, DPS Board President

Mayor’s Office

City Hall, Second Floor
101 W. Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402
Fax: 937-333-4299; Email:

Commissioner Lovelace, Commissioner Williams, Commissioner Joseph
Commissioner Whaley