Dayton’s Historic Bridges

All bridges located near downtown Dayton, over the Great Miami River.

The City of Dayton contains between 60 and 70 surface bridges traversing our areas creeks and rivers. If we were to include highway and railroad bridges, the total would be over 200.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has conducted a statewide bridge survey. As a result, the following four Dayton bridges were determined to be eligible for National Register designation. Each is currently being studied for replacement.

Read an article about Dayton’s early concrete bridges by David Simmons of the Ohio Historical Society.

The same ODOT survey determined these 4 surviving bridges to be potentially eligible for Historic Register designation. Veterans Memorial or Edwin C. Moses Blvd. Bridge Crossing Wolf Creek (1925-1926), Rip Rap Road Bridge Crossing Great Miami River (1923), Miller or Bridge Street Bridge Crossing Wolf Creek (1926), and the Siebenthaler Road Bridge Crossing Stillwater River (1928).

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  1. UPDATE: The demolition and replacement of nearly all of Dayton’s Histroic bridges has begun. City planners have been very diligent in the design elements of these new bridges and have saved some important sections as memorials.

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