Historic Preservation Resources

Looking for advice for your historic home?

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a great resource for historic homeowners.

Here are some other great links:

Historical Tax Credits

Curious about how historical tax credits work for Ohio? Visit http://www.historicaltaxcredits.com for Ohio historical tax credits rules, applications, consulting and more.

Looking for preservation-sensitive contractors in the Dayton area?

Dayton’s Main Street Program put together a list of contractors based on recommendations. These recommendations come from individuals rather than PDI or the Main Street Program. Please email us to request this contractor listing.

Looking for paint colors for your historic home in Dayton?

The City of Dayton has a color chart for the Historic Districts. The chart is available through the Department of Planning or the the Department of Housing. Call (937) 333-3673.

In addition, to help homeowners find historically accurate colors, the National Trust for Historic Preservation has worked with the Valspar Corporation to develop its line of American Tradition¨ Paints. Color samples from Woodrow Wilson House, Lyndhurst, Woodlawn and other National Trust historic sites were scientifically analyzed in Valspar’s laboratory and documented in Munsell notations – a color system recognized by the U.S. National Park Service. At the end of this work, Valspar had successfully matched nearly 140 colors.

Check out our resource page for paint help.

Need to make changes to your historic structure?

Contact the City of Dayton’s Landmark Commission to insure you follow the proper procedures for getting your alterations approved before starting a project.

Looking for preservation-related volunteer opportunities?

We are always in need of volunteers to help with events, letter-writing campaigns, marketing, fundraising, Please email us to get involved with PDI.